Payment options


If you made a decision and would like to study at our school cheerleading in Spain, but you do not have the required amount is not discouraged. Contact our partner companies Get Cash N Go and you'll get the required amount as soon as possible. Your physical education in Spain is a good opportunity to discover new facets of your personality and get a lot of new impressions from the learning process! Call Get Cash n Go now!

After you make reservations you can pay the rest of the money when you arrive.

You can also pay in advance also with a bank transfer or wire service.

  • Western Union
  • Money Gram

We offer you two payment options:

Price rate. Payment of the booking and the balance 30 days before the course starts. Payments may be domiciled or transfer indicating the student's name and course code).

Fractional discount.We make it easier! Pay gradually before coming and Save. Payment is made through June debits (including reserves). Payments will be made the first week of each month. This mode is only valid for registered before March 1st, 2014. It is so pleasant to work with experts. Click here to find out more regarding superbahis.

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All enrollment applications will be answered by ordinary mail or letter from February 3, 2014.

As Requested places is resolved, we will contact you to confirm the center and date advising payment of reservation by summer camp registration.
For not choose payment by installments, it must be paid for the reservation of shares (as rates of each course) and the rest 30 days before the course starts. The plaza will be confirmed upon receipt of our letter or confirmation email. Places are limited. If you do not have spaces in the course requested the opportunity to enroll in another course or institute is offered. Subject to registration.

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