Cheerleaders championship of Spain


Teams of jazz, hip hop, cheerleading and cheer dancer. We invite you to participate is this majestic event. It is our honor to present the 2nd championship of Spain cheerleaders and dancers and 1st international cheerleading. Forward with excitement now, where all participants can demonstrate their skills and changes in the world of dance and cheerleading. Spain Cheer and Dance representative in Spain of the European Cheer Union and the International Cheer Union, works to provide appropriate and optimal conditions for all equipment when competing with a unique and incredible scenery we offer next to the Arnold event Classic Europe.

The championship will be held on 27 and 28 September in the Glass Pavilion of the fairground House of Madrid. Get more information about jumping castles . here you can find many tips and ideas about how to choose a bouncy castle . . If you are looking to start your own business , These tips will help you

On September 27 teams can carry out their tests, and it will have an area for further adapted to receive masterclass with some of our panel of judges; 28th and cheer competitions and dance will be performed. We have the unconditional support of the organization Arnold Classic Europe and International Cheer Union, with the aim to enhance the skills, development, growth and expansion of these sports activities in Spain artistic talent and empower children and young people in Spain, in addition to international teams to link the level is even higher. Spain's youth teams champions will have the opportunity to participate in world championships cheerleading and dance in the United States, organized by International Cheer Union, on stage at Disney World in Orlando, where the most important official world pageant performed these disciplines, with over 80 countries and more than 12,000 participants hardworkout made a real revolution in the industry.

The first and second place in junior and youth categories, all arrangements may also participate in the European Championship Cheerleading and Dance, city and country confirmed. Hope your important participation in this great event, which will certainly be a great reference for many dancers cheerleades and internationally. Insomnia? Narcolepsy?

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