Every weekend we will go on trips to nearby cities for one or two nights, depending on the city. Some of these trips we will organize and others are doen by other companies. Our trips will be to Granada, Sevilla, Cordoba, and Gibraltar. Other options avialable with the other tour companies are Morocco, Tarifa surf school, and others. I will have more information and links to those closer to camp season.


One of my favorite cities, with the Alhambra palace, some of the best flamenco, tapas and fun night life. No place combines great fun, food, culture and low prices like Granada.


The capital of Andalucia with many monuments, cathedral, sevillana, and too much to write here. Just look at the link and see for yourself.


Famous for its beautiful mosque and architecture, but plenty of great food, entertainment and cultural activities.


A little piece of the UK with spanish influence on a big rock. Plenty of fun things to do besides play with the monkeys. Oh did I mention, tax free shopping!


Best beaches and bluest waters near Malaga. Makes a good and cheap day trip with beautiful views and great paella.

Other options

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