Youth physical education in Spain



We know that cheerleading is growing every year in popularity and the teams are growing in size and skill. But many are now getting to the point where they need some expert help, and where else to get it, than from veteran cheerleaders from the USA? But taking your team to America is quite expensive, even sending the coaches there for a week or two, just isn’t enough. So we are bringing several coaches from NCA, the original and largest cheer organization in the USA to provide European teams a cheaper opportunity to learn and practice these skills together. So this year we are bringing the expertise of American cheerleaders and coaches to Europe, specifically in Malaga, Spain. Travel to Malaga can be quite cheap and few places are as inexpensive as here for housing, food and fun.

But don’t worry if your part of an established competitive team or just beginners, we work with all skill levels, from beginners to experts and coaches. Every class will be customized to the skills and abilities of each group, and to work on any skills you may desire. We don’t do the same class every week, wasting valuable time and money on things you don’t need. We want to build your confidence to do the harder skills, fill your team with new ideas, moves and skills that you can use to make your team better than ever.


We all know just how much hard work goes into cheerleading and sometimes a weekend competition just doesn’t feel like a great reward for a whole year’s worth of work.  So our camp serves another purpose also, as the year’s end reward for all your hard work, dedication, pain, long practices and all the other sacrifices necessary to be a cheerleader.  We will work hard and play hard too! What better place to do that than the Costa del Sol of Spain?

We will have optional activities planned each day after classes, but you are free to enjoy the city, sun and beaches however you wish. Plus we will have most classes on the beach, instead of some boring gym. We do have a gym, but will use it only for gymnastics and if the weather is bad. So bring the sun cream and beach towels!

Additionally we will have weekend trips planned to other cities around Malaga, for example: Granada, Sevilla, Cordoba, Gibraltar and others.  And just because we are traveling and having fun, doesn’t mean we can fit in a bit of cheerleading in here and there! There are many options and we are flexible, so if you have something particular you want, just ask and we can figure out a way to make it happen!

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